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Chef Asia Bullock is a homegrown culinary mastermind and professional chef whose sassy southern roots show up in every savory and sweet bite that she creates in the kitchen. At age 11 when her grandmother showed her how to soak the massive, rich leaves of collard greens in water all day for a proper culinary-cleansing and intuitively season them with the perfect salty meat, Chef Asia B. realized that cooking a memorable meal is much more than measurements--it’s also humility, love and care . Her respect for the power of food is what drives her to passionately serve audiences of all sizes, and from every background, every chance she gets. The warmth and excitement that your soul feels when her food art first touches your tastebuds is said to be nothing short of heavenly. No matter the occasion, you’ll catch her adding a pop of pizzaz to her food and personal fashion. She hopes that through her culinary work, you are inspired to do that which fills you up and makes your heart happy, every day.

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