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In consideration of the services to be performed by Chef Asia B.

(Caterer) for the benefit of

At the event scheduled for

At the event scheduled for

as set forth on the per the invoice, Booking agreement, Event Proposal provided to the client, Client agrees to the following terms and conditions:


In order to reserve the date of the event, Client must deliver a signed copy of the Event Proposal to the Caterer, along with a deposit. All Catering requires a mandatory Non-refundable  50% Deposit and remaining the balance of the final billing document is due the day before the event, unless the Client  and Caterer have made alternate billing  arrangements in writing, agreed to by both parties.



PAYMENT. In full consideration for all services rendered by the Caterer at the location, the client agrees to make the following payments in U.S. funds to the Caterer DEPOSIT. 

At the event on the set date of services needed, the client will pay the Caterer the remaining balance of the payment in cash.

Caterer & client can agree on a hourly rate if applicable 



After further discussions and planning with you we will prepare an Event Order for your review and approval. The Event Order will include a menu, pricing, staffing, business support charges, and any other necessary expectations and contingencies. All changes will be done in writing and agreed to by both parties.


In the event of a cancellation, the Client is responsible for all out of pocket expenses sustained by the Caterer, regardless of whether the expenses have been paid as of the date of cancellation. The booking deposit will be forfeited and applied to expenses.

- Less than one week prior – 100% deposit held and out of pocket expenses due

- 1 week –2 weeks prior – 75%% of deposit held and out of pocket expenses due

- 3 weeks to one month – 50% of deposit held and out of pocket expenses due

- One month prior – 25% of deposit held and out of pocket expenses due

- Inclement weather clause – subject to a credit and/or above refund schedule


All orders placed within 2 weeks of your event will include an additional surchage. This rush order surchage is mandatory late fee with no exceptions. The rush order fee is a 30% increase on the invocice total and will be provided on the invoice. Any last-minute catering or dessert orders, with last than a three-day notice must be paid in full upon inquiring. This will include the 30% rush order late fee.


Caterer shall not be responsible for the inability to provide food or other services due to inclement weather, fire, acts of God or other circumstances beyond our control. Our Food Quantity / Serving Sizes reflects the amount of guests you originally agreed and inquired to have, If you decide to have an additional guest attend the event cater is not responsible for those additional guest.  Tastings  are only for large events prices start at 30 a person. If the Client fails to pay any payments when due prior to the date of the event, this Agreement may be subject to cancellation, or rejected by the Caterer. Client agrees that the Caterer shall not thereafter be obligated to provide any services. The client agrees to assume all responsibility for the actions and conduct of your guests in regard to your event. The client agrees to hold CHEF ASIA B. harmless and/or indemnify CHEF ASIA B. for any losses, theft or damages.

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